American University Relations

Relations between Wesley Heights and American University are very important.  The University can be a very positive influence on the quality of life in the neighborhood.  It can also have some negative impacts, but these can often be softened if the neighborhood and the University work cooperatively in addressing these impacts. 


Recently some of the neighborhoods/communities surrounding American University, including Wesley Heights entered into a partnership with the University to address any on-going opportunities/problems in university/community relations and to help draft the next Campus Plan.  Campus Plans address any adverse impact from universities such as American.   Read more about the new Partnership,

Students from American University as well as other nearby universities often live in rental housing in Wesley Heights.  Most prove to be very good neighbors.  However, occasionally, noisy parties and overgrown grass can be an annoyance to neighbors and corrective action is necessary.  Provided here is a guide, developed in coordination with the surrounding universities, for steps neighbors can take to deal with such cases.