Our Neighborhood

We are looking for ways to help us all get to know our neighbors:

So far we have:

  • Started a neighborhood book club

               We can help start additional ones

  • Started a Salon series

                We are looking for additional topics and hosts.

  • Held informal Happy Hours

                 During the warmer months, we gather at the local Wagshal's to

                 meet each other and talk.  Expect more Happy Hour gatherings

                 in the Spring.

Join the "NextDoor" list serv to stay in touch:

The best way to stay in touch with other Wesley Heights neighbors is to join the Wesley Heights NextDoor list serv.  You can set your membership so that you get only one email a day summarizing all the posts.  You can scan this in a few seconds and see whether there is anything you want to read.  Contact us and we can send you an invitation to join NextDoor.

Fun things to do around our neighborhood:

Here is a list of things to do, especially with families, compiled by Spring Valley resident Troy Kravitz. the list includes Playgrounds, Theaters, Swimming, Farms, Dogs, and Seasonal activities.  CLICK HERE.